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yermomshouse's Journal

Your Mom's House
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Where your mom was, and what she was up to last night.


Rule #1: Thou shalt not antagonize thy Real Estate Lesbian, howevermuch she may in fact be a douche.

Rule #5: There is no Eric Hassel Cameron in the house.

Rule #10: أَخْفَقَ حالب التيس

Rule #72: If the house is a rockin, don't come a-knockin. Send your mom instead. Seriously, she's late.

Rule #236: Do your goddamn dishes.

Rule #302: No clubbing of lesbians. Straight men may be bludgeoned until the proverbial bovines return to the domicile.

Rule #331: Garth is not allowed to practice invasive medical procedures on living organisms.

Rule #412: Moths should beware al-Din, "The Reckoning."

Rule #595: Gay lesbian women shall not mythologize the male sexual organ.

Rule #606: There is no bicycle porn in the house.
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